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Hunting Season


If there was one reason to fast forward a couple of months past this break, it would probably be Junya Watanabe’s collection for Fall/Winter 2009. Of course, that would be pointless as a) no stores on Oahu stock his pieces–at least, not to my knowledge–and b) I’m broke. Also, I would miss the final Obedient Sons collection which is well within my physical and financial range, but I digress.

Watanabe presented a charming collection that has possibility even with this island’s not-at-all-what-winter-should-be winter. Not a fan of the quilted pants, but those can be overlooked. Those reversible jackets however, were beautifully constructed. Versatility, accessibility, playfulness, and smarts are all there. Coincidentally, these are exactly the traits I look for in a boyfriend. Look at that.

Image by me.
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