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Good Morning Midnight

Simon Balthazer (vocals), Mark West (guitar), Leon Beckenham (trumpet), Cathy Lucas (violin), Justin Finch (bass), and Amos Memon (drums).

I’m a bit late jumping onto the Fanfarlo fan-wagon but I’m now fully up on it and will gladly take up the reigns if necessary! I just got a hold of Reservoir today and it’s been on repeat ever since—easily one of the best albums (re)released this year. The instrumentation reminds me very much of Beirut (accordions, mandolins, and sweeping horns abound!) and Simon Balthazar’s vocal delivery is basically the love-child of Zach Condon’s vibrato (also of Beirut) and Alec Ounsworth’s distinct warble (of CYHSY). These things, plus the five other members of Fanfarlo contribute to a very rich, enjoyable, and solid debut album perfect for the summer. Only good things can come of this!

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