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Say Yes! To Astoria!

Having had my fill of programming on the Cooking Channel, I decided to actually do something with my Sunday mornings and take a walk around the ol’ neighb. I’ve acquired a habit from my years as a military brat (#issuez) of not giving my areas of transplant the time of day. So, in an effort to rid myself of said habit I’ve initiated weekly weekend walks within my somewhat new playground of Astoria-slash-Long-Island-City-maybe. I figure I’ll simply pick a direction and just walk. On this particular Sunday I decided to go north.

Starting from the busy intersection of Steinway and Broadway, I walked along one of my well known paths (also known as the road to Taco Bell) passing the usual shops, banks, and restaurants until eventually everything was new. I’m skipping quite a bit of photos of cute dogs and busy storefronts, mind you. After the Triboro Plaza overpass and under some yet-to-be-identified train’s tracks, the area became a lot calmer. I strayed from my safety net of Steinway Street and walked along more residential routes until I eventually met a deserted, possibly pseduo-industrial wasteland. I’ve decided to affectionately call it NoSteTwe for “North of Twentieth and Steinway.” I haven’t figured out the pronunciation, either.

So apparently Steinway Street is named after, oh, I don’t know, the Steinway family of Steinway and Sons. No big deal. Yes, I walked around their operational two-hundred year old factory like a nerd. It was a bit odd, and creepy but for no apparent reason. Eventually, the odd odors of the area got to me and I made my way back south to the more inviting Ditmars Blvd, another blog entry all-together.

And so ends my first foray in self-improvement and walkumentaries. Here‘s a rough route visual. Tune in fairly soon when I tackle another walk through a random neighborhood location. Suggestions welcome!

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    Proud of you .

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