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Friday Four

Ennui – Coconino

1— I’m sorry but this is just too good. Ennui aka Jim Doutrich and Sam McUber are making some amazing dream pop on their new LP, Formation of Tides. Check out the album stream from I Guess I’m Floating. Camera Obscura cover, anyone?

Grizzly Bear – Service Bell

2— From Grizzly Bear‘s somewhat debut album, Horn of Plenty. Amazingly simple and effective. That high-pitch voice loop, strange in most cases, is just so heartbreaking in this context. A re-recorded version of this song appears on 2009′s Dark Was The Night charity compilation album with Feist lending the main vocals. Less gritty, more pretty, and beautiful in a different way.

Antony & the Johnsons – Fletta

3— I never talked about Antony and the Johnson‘s Swanlights when it was released late last year. Pick it up if you haven’t already. Wet your palette with this incredible duet with Björk. A slightly more upbeat number than their first venture together, it’s a rainy Spring Sunday put into song.

DM Stith – A Good Man Is Hard To Find

4— Stith has been on tour with Sufjan for the past couple of months so his cover on the “reimagined” version of Sufjan’s Seven Swans was the one I most anticipated. With one of the most unique takes of all the tracks—haunting falsetto, multilayered wails, and all—he definitely does not disappoint. It reminds me a lot of of the gorgeous live rendition of his “Morning Glory Cloud“. Released by On Joyful Wings, all profits of Seven Swans Reimagined will go to the Susan G. Komen For The Cure breast cancer foundation.

This was obviously meant to be posted last Friday. I’m just really indecisive.

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Brunch at Epistrophy, Nolita

Ahh, if only I could afford to live in Nolita. It’s such a charming, convenient little ‘hood. Unfortunately, I don’t have $2,500 to spare on a studio apartment so I’m left day dreaming.

Assuming you get there early enough to nab the couch seating, Epistrophy is cozy as much as it is quaint with dark wooden tables, exposed brick walls, vintage nicknacks and wine bottles nestled in bookshelves. I ordered the Uova Prosciutto Crudo e Asparagi (fried eggs with prosciutto and asparagus), roasted potatoes, salad, and some tea. All very good. The best time to get here would be right when it opens so you can lounge around the place by yourselves.

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Woodkid – Iron

Video via Vimeo

Oh my word. Check this video for Woodkid‘s “Iron” directed by himself aka Yoann Lemoine. How. Epic. I’m getting flashbacks of the equally jaw-dropping opening credits of Tarsem’s The Fall mixed with my many hours spent playing World of Warcraft—a winning combination. Well done.

Woodkid’s Iron EP is out now and can be found here. Here’s a bit of what you can expect:

We walk with the shadow of Antony and The Johnsons, Woodkid and Anthony could be kindred spirits of the voice. We can also hear the pretty folk influences of New York (“my heart belongs to Brooklyn, “sings Woodkid on the second track on the disc) and a melodic brilliance that leaves more than a glimpse of the song writing talent of Lemoine (which could flirt somewhere between Neil Hannon and Bonnie Prince Billy).

By the way – Yes, Agyness Deyn (Laura Hollins) is totally getting her post-apocalyptic lesbian wood-elf on and that dog is giving some major face but the true star not even mentioned in the credits is Matvey Lykov, in his widely cheek-boned glory, looking positively scrumptious in that Jil Sander marble suit. I guess he got to keep it from the shoot. He is getting zero love on the press release but I see you, Matvey. I see you. You go boy.

Sidenote: I’m trying to get over my World of Warcraft addiction. This is not helping.

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