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Wild Honey

Perhaps one of my favorite recent musical discoveries is Madrid-based Wild Honey, the monicker for Guillermo Farré’s musical venture, and his recently released Epic Handshakes and a Bear Hug. It’s pretty much everything I love: random whistles, baby talk, ukuleles, xylophones, hand claps, duets, and a cute singing voice with an accent. I can best describe it as like romping around the Italian countryside on your own in order to forget about your cheating husband and, on a whim, deciding to buy your own tiny Tuscan cottage and start a new life with the help of the farming family next door, your pregnant-asian-lesbian friend, and a somewhat slutty yet incredibly wise British actress who enjoys eating ice cream. Yes, I’m comparing it to Under the Tuscan Sun. It’s that good.

Wild Honey, “God Only Knows” (Beach Boys cover) Video by José Skaf

You can listen to more tracks or download the entire album here. It’s such an ideal soundtrack for the amazing weather we’ve been having recently. I have this urge to go romping out in a field of flowers.

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