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New attire & Blind Pilot

A bit busy this week, mostly with school business, so I’ll just take the easy route and post photos of some recent purchases and some songs from a band I came accidentally upon after searching for a song for a previous entry.

Shirt and Bowties Brooks Brothers Stitched leather key clip Jack Spade

On Blind Pilot. This band I heard only two days ago is quickly becoming one of my favorites for the year. The music they produce harkens back to the days I spent every week of the fall of high school either on a bus or on a plane, traveling as a pack of rowdy, American kids across Japanese rural side-streets and cities. We were out of place teens voyaging through mostly unrevealed, physical and mental landscapes—which, I guess, could be said about most high school experiences except, you know, at this instance I’d like to be greedy. I’d say it was the closest we could get at that age to a total disconnect from school, our parents, “our” country; a regular thrust into a sort of fleeting unknown-ness. Youth, transience, discovery.

Sean Moeller’s rather romantically charged article for Daytrotter says it best:

Blind Pilot music is full of exhilarated weariness and the kinds of detailed insights into the subconscious and all of the other hidden regions of the mind and heart, the places that are full of whispers and the most impacting truths and discoveries. It makes you feel as if you’re suffering from something pleasant or mistakenly pleasant, as if there’s no real understanding about how you’re supposed to feel about all of the little miseries and disappointments that are really just spices – the parts of the stories that everyone finds most interesting and provocative.

I don’t know much of anything else about the band, other than their Seattle roots, their up-and-coming official website, and what’s written on their wikipedia page, but I will definitely be downloading their album this weekend and following them from now on.

For now, it’s back to my essay!

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