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I ran across this very well-written article by Anja Cronberg—who, if google searched, is obviously well immersed in the magazine ‘verse—the other day while going through the previously mentioned Above Magazine. It’s called “Memorable Home Furnishing By Maison Martin Margiela” and totally worth your three minutes, trust me! Here is an excerpt:


“What, then, is the allure of buying something brand new that has the look of something that’s already been through a rough life? Why are we so keen on objects that tell tales of times past? One reason may be that we’re attracted to an object’s patina – those small signs of age that accumulate on the surface of these things, as a stamp of authenticity and a marker of status.


These small chips, dents, and slight discolourations exist in order to prove to us that the object in question is legitimate, that it is “the real thing”. The furniture created, or rather, re-created by Maison Martin Margiela speaks to our yearning for authenticity. We know that this patina is really nothing more than a marketing ploy, a myth with no bearing on actual individuality or authenticity, yet we still can’t he but be seduced by it. What should reasonably be understood to be mere rhetoric, pure commercial nonsense, instead taps into our longing for an unattainable sepia-tinted past. As the speed around us increases, shelter from our fast-paces culture seems to lie in reminiscence.

Photos from WWD.

However, instead of merely acting as an antidote to capitalist commodity fetishising, perhaps memory exists in order to recuperate a mode of contemplation in a world suffering from information overload. Seen from this stance, memory – and by extension nostalgia – can exist as a reappraisal and re-evaluation of the past. Memory culture then becomes a way to reconnect with history, to slow down the frenetic pace of culture. Perhaps the artificially chipped chairs and dented shelves at Maison Martin Margiela are a relatively harmless way to mourn times long gone, as well as symbolizing a rebellion of sorts against constant progress and temporal irreversibility.”

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