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Snacro 001

I’m currently sitting at my desk, sipping on some sumptuous oi ocha, and praying for my sickness to go away. My French homework is still waiting to get done. However! I remembered (like, 10 minutes ago) that the first food pictures ever grace my new LX3 are now on my hard drive which means—this is a dramatic pause—regular food posts!

Although I’m now on this super strict, partial liquid diet that fluctuates based on my willpower, I’m actually the biggest food fan you will ever meet. Case in point: these posts. Get used to them!


BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad from California Pizza Kitchen. We went to lunch there the afternoon after the hotel party. Hangover food? Not so much.


Delicious eggplant curry spaghetti I made myself, thank you very much.


The remains of my continental breakfast muffin. (I hate continental breakfasts.)

I’ve decided to name these installations Snacro, as in “snack” + “macro,” and—although probably not an original as I think—I’m totally proud of coming up with.

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