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Let The Right One In

This weekend I saw two movies: Watchmen and Let The Right One In, both films having supernatural aspects of some sort. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a total Twilight fan—whatever, whatever, haters to the left—which may cause some bias, but Let The Right One In totally kicked Watchmen‘s ass albeit on a smaller budget and (extremely) shorter reel.


Please don’t let the Twilight reference devalue your initial reactions. This film is far from it in many facets. In typical Swedish fashion, the film sets out to be minimal in both dialogue and setting. Shot during winter, white pervades the scenes and verbal exchanges are littered with pauses, quiet moments. It is a love story between a boy and vampire, but told rather unconventionally. I especially enjoyed the still shots, where only the tops of trees or a running stream were visible for a length of time. I’d also like to mention that the costume design is spot-on. The 12-year-old protagonist—in a flurry of mid-calf boots, skinny jeans, knit sweaters, and accessories—appears to have an impressive knack for layering… yup, definitely an Acne kid.

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