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Undercover S/S 2010: God is in the details

The very start of my graphic design courses was basically a shove into the sea of early 20th century German and Swiss design, continuously looking to figures like Mies van der Rohe, Josef Albers, Lazlo Moholy-Nagy (aka my boo), and then to the Swiss designers of the International Typographic Style/Swiss style. Their credos of “form follows function” and “ornament is a crime” were drilled into my head every single day by my professors as well as the modernist design derivations in the majority of things we still use (ie: everything from Apple). I think that’s why I was naturally drawn to Jun Takahashi’s Undercover collections for Spring 2010. Taking inspiration from German designer Dieter Rams, Takahashi presented two collections that were heavily steeped in Modernist principles and the results were breathtaking.

Photos via
Collage for Restless Things.

Although not completely devoid of decoration, the beauty in the simplicity of these garments cannot be doubted. Working with a rather drab color palette and the occasional orange or red, Takahashi has accomplished a fine feat in bringing together his design aesthetic with the strict functionalist theory of Rams. As noted by A Blog curated by, “Jackets were adorned with patches that resembled radio gauges, tops were perforated like speaker cases, eye-wear was transported direct from laboratory to catwalk, and even the colour palette resembled the strict neutrals and metallics of Rams’ designs, only small details adding pops of bright colour.”

Photos via Eames Office

There was a focus on clean, linear construction along with the inclusion of industrial components to the garments. Metal bits and joints peppered hemlines while perforations, exposed tags, plastic insets, and minute typographic details were delicately incorporated into both collections. Even the footwear–which was stunning–included these touches. I love the fact that the overall effect is strikingly uncomplicated and refined but moments of loveliness are apparent upon closer examination. One of Mies van der Rohe’s famous aphorisms was “God is in the details” and and these collections really ring true to that. Detail shots after the jump.

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