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Patrik Ervell Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

The thing I love about Patrik Ervell‘s collections—apart from their simple utilitarianism/casual, American-boy aesthetic—are the underlying technical aspects that would simply be overlooked if not particularly highlighted and delicately infuse each piece with a sense of subtle brilliance. Among other things, last season it was the addition of alpaca knit, the season before that was wool melange, and before that were stripes a la Ettore Sottsass.

Photos via Collage for Restless Things

This masked idiosyncrasy was ever-present in Ervell’s collection for Spring/Summer 2010 through his experimentation with iron and copper oxide staining. What could be mistaken as a simple print adorning the impeccably tailored jackets, pants, and club collared shirts was actually a product of much more extraordinary chemistry. As explained by the The Moment, it “involved spreading out tiny metal shavings on the fabric, soaking it in a saline solution, then leaving it to sit for a week.”

While Ervell himself stated that this process was a play on the notion of decay, it also acts to reinforce that undercover uniqueness that pervades all of his pieces as well as to testify of what one can achieve through the clever combination of science and artistry. Let’s hope he gets that well-deserved CFDA award!

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