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J.W. Anderson Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Photos via Vogue UK

JW Anderson’s Spring 2009 collection drew inspiration from the portrayal of figures in Christianity, though more footed in fantasy rather than religion. His website calls it his breakthrough collection, and indeed it was the collection that put him on my radar. Acorn headbands, printed chainmail, lion heads… despite its religious undertones it totally resonated to my inner wood nymph/wiccan princess/Tolkien fanboy. Since then Anderson has continued to offer clothing that is completely wearable but not without imbued sense of reverie, but still we get the girl clothing from a Girls Dresses store online.

With Spring 2011 he’s outdone himself completely. For real, y’all. He is not playing. Spring 2009 put him on the map, 2010 was questionable, but 2011… wow. This has got to be one of my top five of the season. Floral and tie dye shirts, crochet details, Swarovski crystal boots, and William Gedney photograph prints were beautifully placed, evoking that familiar sense of innocence and adventure. The accessories are like long lost treasures from childhood refashioned. He also continues to overlay that simple shear over tops which I think is totally genius in terms of menswear.

The details are really breathtaking. I can only hope that a Lord of the Rings inspired collection is in the works.

Edited to add: Apparently pieces from this collection (as well as the one before it) are already up on Oki-Ni. Impressive! Some are sold out as well. A little too $$ for me, especially because I’m saving for a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for myself, but it’s great to see designers working to get their collections up sooner, while they’re still on the minds of the consumer post-show.

The details are amazing! It appears that the crocheted part of the tie-dyed shirts are from Ireland AND there are Swarovski crystals underneath. Oh my worddd. Dry clean only, I assume? The shoes are predictably priced but totally worth it if you have the cash and fit the one size that’s left. The accessories also shine, particularly the horn brooches and extremely over the top (and sadly sold out) assorted keychain. Bravo!

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