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Ela, ela, ela, eh.

Although I’ve been too “busy” to actually keep up with daily blogging, I fully intend to get myself back into it as it conveniently falls into plan of getting my life back in check and in control. I’ve let myself go in more ways then one and I need to just reel everything back in. Work has been super hectic for the past couple of weeks due to the influx of University students (today was the first day of class!) so much so that it’s all-consuming. Thankfully, my hours have been drastically reduced due to my courses which means more time to do homework and this sort of thing but less money! I’m in between enjoying the remainder of my fat checks and saving them. Enjoy or save? The horror!

During a lapse towards the enjoyment side, I bought this Maison Martin Margiela bracelet for myself—it was the last one, okay—at Aloha Rag.

Margiela Bracelet
Maison Martin Margiela, Scratched Brass Bracelet

It was a bit of an impulse buy, since it wasn’t really on sale for that much, but also it was in response to the sudden disappearance of my favorite Margiela ring. I was distressed, sweaty, feeling faint, etc and therefore had to buy this amazing and surprisingly hefty brass bracelet. It has since curbed my anxiety.

I digress!

My plan is to keep this updated daily, no matter how informal or colorless the entries may be. I need to stick to a routine which will hopefully keep me grounded during this semester which, I’m certain, will be enough to make me go bonkers. Til tomorrow!

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