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At Last

“Good things come to those who wait.”
– my mother and probably a million others.

Today was one of the few times that old saying actually worked for me. I’ve waited for basically a year, unsure of whether or not purchasing what’s basically an oversized, silk handkerchief was worth $310. Now, at it’s lowest price ever, it’s finally mine! If there weren’t throngs of people outside of Aloha Rag, I would have dropped to my knees and thanked my lucky stars with tears in my eyes, let me tell you…

Obedient Scarf
Obedient Sons, Sorority Silk Scarf

The scarf depicts a lion-embellished gate and a mansion-like, three story building against a star-streaked sky. Foot prints, keyholes, locks, eyes, and skulls decorate the edges. It’s a highly stylized and gorgeous print that excellently embodies the brand’s kooky-classic aesthetic. Sadly, this will most likely by my last and largest–it stands roughly 51 inches (129 centimeters) in height–Obedient Sons purchase, but a purchase to remember, no doubt!

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