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Columbus Avenue Greenmarket & GreenFlea

Scenes from my second visit to what is becoming my favorite post-Sunday brunch destination. Apparently the GreenFlea is one of the first open air markets in the city, clocking in at just over 25 years in operation. My favorite outdoor stand is the one with all the tea and spices, manned by the young French guy. Of course. There’s also an indoor section with even more strange and wonderful things including the two most amazing vintage print vendors with authentic hand-painted prints and reproductions between $5-$85.

Across the street and a couple blocks up (behind the Museum of Natural History) is the Greenmarket, which is smaller than the one at Union Square but definitely more low-key with basically the same types of produce. Bring your trendiest grocery bag!

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Cire Trudon, Candle Catalog

Pages from Cire Trudon’s catalog. Humorously illustrated by Lawrence Mynott and printed on some very choice paper. The descriptions are great, though some are not totally accurate.

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Cire Trudon, 54 Bond Street

Tucked away in the basement of the Old Bouwerie Lane Theatre on 54 Bond Street is the Cire Trudon flagship store. I went at night, just before closing, which makes for a completely different atmosphere. Without the aid of any natural light from outside, the lighting is so sparse that you would hardly know it was open if you walked by. I would recommend paying them a visit, even if you aren’t a candle aficionado, as just the experience of going around the small space to smell their fragrances is totally worth it. Here are some photos from last night.

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