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New Hampshire via Instagram


Some random photos from another New England adventure. This time it was fog-filled and colder than expected but a good time was still had! We stayed in an amazingly quaint home with a backyard that went straight down to the Connecticut River, decorated the trees outside with Easter eggs, and had way too much good food.

Is it obvious that I’m fully all up in Instagram? Enjoy!

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Scenes on a walk to Astoria Park

On this particular day, I was feeling hot and bothered for no real reason and decided to take a roundabout walking path to Astoria Park–stopping by the Socrates Sculpture Park (with no real sculptures of interest), Goodwill Park, and the Two Coves Community garden.

The rest of the images are behind the cut.

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Say Yes! To Astoria!

Having had my fill of programming on the Cooking Channel, I decided to actually do something with my Sunday mornings and take a walk around the ol’ neighb. I’ve acquired a habit from my years as a military brat (#issuez) of not giving my areas of transplant the time of day. So, in an effort to rid myself of said habit I’ve initiated weekly weekend walks within my somewhat new playground of Astoria-slash-Long-Island-City-maybe. I figure I’ll simply pick a direction and just walk. On this particular Sunday I decided to go north.

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