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Hawthorne, Melville, and Basia Bulat

Image by William James Linton, 1812-1898 via Alexander Turnbull Library

I felt pantheist then—your heart beat in my ribs and mine in yours, and both in God’s. . . . Whence come you, Hawthorne? By what right do you drink from my flagon of life? And when I put it to my lips—lo, they are yours and not mine. . . Hence this infinite fraternity of feeling. . . Ah! It’s a long stage, and no inn in sight, and night coming, and the body cold. But with you for a passenger, I am content and can be happy. . . .

I read a book about whaling—succinctly titled The Whale—and in it Philip Hoare touched upon the relationship between Herman Melville and Nathaniel Hawthorne. Hawthorne eventually left the town of Lenox (and Melville) after receiving a letter from which the above excerpt is taken. This song, in its aching cadence, just fits.

Basia Bulat – The Shore

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Destroyer – Kaputt

Destroyer – Kaputt

Dan Bejar’s recently released album is an unsurprising departure from past albums released under Destroyer. It’s seeped in brass-heavy jazz and smooth lounge, rocking back and forth in some sort of shimmering, sexy nonchalance. At first listen, I thought it’d be more fitting as a summer release until I heard it playing one snowy night in a smoke-filled, dimly-lit apartment in the East Village and realized it was perfect.

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James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream

James Blake, everyone. Known to me for a long time as “the guy who did the Feist cover” until my roommate presented me with this video. Really amazing things going on from director Alexander Brown.

The new album, fresh onto my hard drive, holds up to all the hype its getting. I’ve realized that unique voices are pretty much the number one thing that gets my juices flowing when it comes to music and Blake is working the voice. I’m getting heavy, heavy Antony Hegarty vibes–except maybe if he was a computer on acid–and that’s always a good thing.

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