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Sufjan Stevens, “All Delighted People (Original Version)”

Sufjan unexpectedly doused his musical boon upon long-awaiting fans from whatever aural plane he now resides. Drenched with his familiar, idiosyncratic sound, All Delighted People is a sparkling embrace after five years of mixed signals. It is magnificent.

The first track of the same name is essentially a summary of Sufjan’s musical prowess: incomparable song structures, lyrical agility, and unrivaled instrumentation. His vocals do take quite a noticeable reshaping. Where once was a voice that wandered only slightly above a whisper, is now one imbued with a new sense of urgency and a beautiful unrefinement. It warbles and cracks and wanders about.

Sufjan Stevens – All Delighted People (Original)

I’ll finally have the pleasure to see him live, in Boston and in New York, and I really don’t know how I’m going to breathe while doing so.

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Other Towns and Cities pt. 1

Photos from a day traveling through Connecticut, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

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Greetings from NYC

I’ve relocated to New York after a spur of the moment college graduation and a couple of convincing emails to my parents. My cross-country trek that cartwheeled into my new job has left me a little winded but I plan to (finally) regularly update the ol’ RT from now on. I’ve changed a couple of things here as you can see and my posts probably will start dabbling more into my personal life–which, hopefully, will become much more interesting considering the big move–so expect more exciting and trashy things to come!

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