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Hello again!


This is my latest tea purchase from Lupicia. It’s Tie Guan Yin oolong tea which is one of my favorites because of the taste but primarily because it’s English translation: Iron Goddess of Mercy. Stunning, right?

Anyway, apologies for the extended absence! I feel like I’m always so gung-ho on updating this during some sort of interim and eventually the updates stop only to be resurrected again a month later. Sorry, sorry!

I’m currently on spring break so this may be the beginning of a flurry of new posts but eventually they will die down as it’s getting closer to the end of the semester aka final projects and graduation! Woo…

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Candied confections

I spotted these candied apples (and crêpes) at a cute little cafe at the Palazzo hotel. So pretty! The apples were about $10 each. I almost couldn’t bring myself to eat them. Almost!



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Food is still hot!

Lots of fun was had and lots of food was consumed over Thanksgiving. As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I spent the holiday on the North Shore at a party that basically sprawled over two beach houses and an enormous yard, but now I need to get back to keeping up with my diet from healthy usa. The weather was perfect as was the food. My favorite would have to be the sweet potatoes that Anthony made the day before but the poached pears and the stuffing I helped make were delicious as well.


More photos of babies, friends, and food after the jump.

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