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Brunch at Epistrophy, Nolita

Ahh, if only I could afford to live in Nolita. It’s such a charming, convenient little ‘hood. Unfortunately, I don’t have $2,500 to spare on a studio apartment so I’m left day dreaming.

Assuming you get there early enough to nab the couch seating, Epistrophy is cozy as much as it is quaint with dark wooden tables, exposed brick walls, vintage nicknacks and wine bottles nestled in bookshelves. I ordered the Uova Prosciutto Crudo e Asparagi (fried eggs with prosciutto and asparagus), roasted potatoes, salad, and some tea. All very good. The best time to get here would be right when it opens so you can lounge around the place by yourselves.

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Spot Dessert Bar, 13 St. Marks Place

Scenes from my favorite dessert place. Spot is a charming little basement space on St. Marks that’s predictably crowded with Asian baby-gurls and their boyfriends during the weekend but great to visit any other night of the week.

The tapas are where it’s at y’all. I think the presentation varies depending on which staff member prepares it but they all contain a number of unique flavors that often times go amazing with one another. The three pictured above are the white miso icecream semifreddo, yuzu eskimo, and soft cheesecake. Pretty! Though I will say the deconstructed cheesecake, however pretty it may be, did not live up to the hype.

Whoever comes up with their music mixes is some kind of genius (maybe Pandora?) because the finely tuned list of late 90s R&B makes an excellent background for a night of sweets and tomfoolery. Go for that if nothing else.

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Sazon, 105 Reade Street

Dishes around the table from a loud and filling dinner at Sazon. Unsurprisingly full afterward from their enormous portions. Baked little neck clams with bacon and plantains, shrimp empanadas, fried taro roots with beef picadillo, mashed green plantains with pork skin and crispy chicken, and corned beef with rice and sweet plantains.

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