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Tim Hamilton, Autumn/Winter 2011/12 Collection

Photos via Vogue UK

Um, coincidence that Tim Hamilton brings his presentation back to New York a season after I move here? I think not.

Tim, if you want me to be your muse just let me know. I’m great at wearing clothes and inspiring people. I can also deal with your use of only two Asian models this year. I believe in baby steps, too. Here are some looks I think I’d look great in, and represent your brand with (of course!), while speeding through midtown if they were mailed to my address.

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3.1 Philip Lim, Pre-Fall 2011 Collection

Photos via

I’m getting whiffs of past Balenciaga pre-fall in some looks but I still pretty much want to bathe in this. More here.

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“When we were young our Scout troop learned to call ‘Kee-Aw-Kee’ if we were lost or wanted to find each other in the woods.”

Over the weekend I side-stepped my way into the much talked about Pop-Up Flea, a periodic little pop-up store and flea market hybrid curated by Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean. You know how some supermarkets have those down-pointing air conditioners atop their entrance doors that welcome you with a blast of frigid air? Yeah, it was kind of like that except with leather and denim and facial hair… Americana subbed for frigidity. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. Who doesn’t love a gallery filled with strapping young lads who at least look like they’re ready to wrestle bears or pull up anchor for you? It was very Man of the House except older and somewhat chicer and with iPads.

I’d like to think I didn’t stand out too much—though I probably did and NOT just because I’m Asian, ok?—but that didn’t stop be from buying this Kee-Aw-Kee “Catch-all” which, let’s be real, is totally a butch man clutch with a whistle. I looove it. The catch-alls on display all had wool outers and each was lined with different printed fabric. The texture on the navy blue bottom I grabbed was what sold me.

Kee-Aw-Kee is a new brand from Hickoree’s Hard Goods that was introduced this weekend at the Flea. Designed in New Haven and constructed in NYC’s own Garment District. They’ll eventually have these on the site along with other manly essentials like smalls haversacks and cushioned laptop bags. You know, for when you go camping.

Pictured along with the Kee-Aw-Kee “Catch-all” is my iPhone case from Hardgraft.

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