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Alexander Mcqueen, Savage Beauty (Part 1)

If you’re not sure where the Alexander McQueen exhibit is amongst the winding galleries of the Met, just look for the line. A thirty minute wait was the precursor to a beautifully presented collection of the late designer’s work. The exhibit definitely lived up to its title with sets perfectly complimenting all things sinister, lurid, and haunting in McQueen’s work. Black walls, aged mirrors, a soundtrack featuring a woman moaning. It was delightful in such a dark way.

Highlights: Pieces from The Girl Who Lived In The Tree, Sarabande, and especially The Widows of Culloden were really just too amazing for words. Don’t miss the Philip Treacy headdresses in all sorts of flavors—wire, coral, feather, and Chinese garden—as well as the wood and leather butterfly harness tucked away in the corner of the accessory portion. Almost every mannequin was outfitted by Guido Palau with a custom mask and are amazing works on their own.

Wind machines, mini holograms, two-way mirrors, blood masks, a TV on the ceiling… shit got crazy. In short, you need to see this exhibit. More photos to come!

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Not-Possible-At-All Possible Easter Outfit

Duffle by 3.1 Philip Lim, Blazer by Junya Watanabe, Jacket by Acne, Boots by H By Hudson

So, I’m going to New Hampshire and Vermont for the upcoming Easter weekend and thought an unaffordable pseudo-outfit post with products from SSENSE would be a good idea—their product photos are the best around. I call this one Overpriced Blues.

Sidenote: Is it me or are most products on SSENSE totally giving off a semi-Eurotrash/semi-Guido/semi-Tragic Fashionista vibe? Too many semis and not even the good kind.

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On Ricardo Tisci

Photos Givenchy menswear via

Ricardo Tisci confuses me. His most recent couture collection is really one of his best. It was restrained, wonderfully detailed, and beautifully presented. However, if he was able come up with ten knock-out couture dresses, why are his ready-to-wear collections so drab in comparison?

I understand a need for some consistency and marketability but his formulae are getting completely predictable. Wrangle some shorts, tights, a shirtless dude, a visual gimmick, some “street cred” and you have your menswear collection. Severely cut white and black fabric–maybe some red and a pastel? Shear? Leather? Maria Carla Boscono? And of course some kitsch to close out the show. There you go, ladies.

Photos Givenchy womenswear via

Don’t get me wrong. It’s obvious he has talent. With this method he’s able to create some memorable looks to be gushed over by fashion bloggers and scrolled through on countless Tumblr pages. But clawing to be the e-buzz of the season by pandering to existing tastes instead of looking forward can only get you so far. Perhaps the rumored move to Dior will reveal his more innovative side.

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