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Hans Ulrich Obrist’s Conversation Series by M/M Paris

This sense of a democracy of interlocutors in Obrist’s interviews, the suspicion that between and beneath these conversations others are going on even as he and his current interviewee speak, is partly a matter of the discursive form of the Q&A. In an interview with Paul Rabinow in 1984, Michel Foucault expressed an antipathy toward polemics, preferring instead the interview or dialogue. Questions and answers, he said, “depend on a game — a game that is at once pleasant and difficult — in which each of the two partners takes pains to use only the rights given him by the other and by the accepted form of dialogue.” (The polemicist, on the other hand, “proceeds encased in privileges that he possesses in advance.”) Obrist’s interviews attempt to go further, to establish the rules for an infinite conversation and street plans for unrealizable routes.

Images: M/M via But Does It Float
Text: “The Conversation Series” by Brian Dillon
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Prada Autumn/Winter 2010 Lookbook pt. 1

What in the hot hell is going on in the minds of Miuccia and the art directors of Rem Koolhaas’s OMA team? I suppose this retro illustration phase is a quick and easy way to express the collection’s graphic nature and perhaps it is semi-fierce but Prada’s previous lookbooks have definitely been better.

Images: Prada
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Float by Cocky Eek

A person is attached to a room and suspended from the ceiling by a bungiecord and being pulled under stress; after releasing the tension of the cord, the person and his room is catapulted in space, rotating through the air, lands and bounces itself of the floor to repeat the pattern of its motion.

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