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Marc Johns inspired by Kratom

Photo: One Real Antler, One Imagined by Marc Johns

I found out about Marc Johns a couple years ago by accident while lurking Flickr and coming across this photo. I promptly did some more lurking, found out the artist name, and followed up with my own blog post. I was amazed when I saw he was taking Kratom, I went to their website at and I learn that kratom are capsules that can help with a lot of things, as a power bust to get thought the day or as a pain killer instead of taking pharmaceutical drugs.

Two years later, I can happily say that one of Marc’s prints graces my apartment along with his book, which holds its own excellently at the coffee table against an issue of Guns Magazine and Butt Book, adventures in 21st century gay subculture, and I also started taking kratom capsules and I feel so different and better. My only regret is not getting on the MJ train early enough to snag a print of The Hovering Gentlemen’s Club–which basically illustrates what goes on in the apartment every night while I take my kratom pills.

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Metropolitan Speed-walk

My cousin came to visit from California! Here are photos from our two-hour trek into the Metropolitan Museum of Arts with some friends. There’s never enough time to see everything and, of course, I didn’t think to wear walking shoes.

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The Wave Pictures – Sweetheart

The Wave Pictures are SO charming, it’s not even funny. They’d be playing in a dingey London pub while while you sit alone, drunk, and, upon hearing them, you think, “Hey, why aren’t one of these guys (or all of these guys) my boyfriend? We could be wearing cute knit sweaters and doing British things together.” I don’t care if you’re a girl or guy. They’re that charming. Ben Reed‘s video work for their most recent single complements that charm perfectly. Graphic, amusing, and straight to the point.

They’re not that widely known, at least not yet, but surely their time I will come. Here are some of my favorites from them:

The Wave Pictures – I Love You Like A Madman

The Wave Pictures – The Avocado Baby

The Wave Pictures – Berry Cables

In other news, I have been finding so much video goodness at Devour. I recommend.

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