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Put the Book Back on the Shelf


I can’t speak for everyone, but when it comes to buying books or magazines I am extremely picky about I spend my money on. A trip to the bookstore usually involves me having a group of 5 books I want and actually buying only one or none at all. Therefore, I find bookshelves—from the way their organized to what’s actually in them—one of the most interesting things about a person’s living space. I think of it as an allocation of all the parts of a personality. The Shelf Portraits editorial, shot by Brendan Austin in Acne Paper’s Autumn ’06 issue, is so aptly named.


Currently, my main bookshelf is a jumble of fantasy novels, dictionaries (design, french, collegiate), fashion/design magazines, and art books with the occasional (and seldom-read) philosophic essay. It’s an accurate parallel, in my opinion. The rest of the editorial is after the jump.



The last one is so obviously a designer. I spy Chanel, Brodovitch, and LaChapelle. They even have the same SS’06 issue of POP as I!

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