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I’ve Read It In Books

Over the past couple of days my room has been bombarded by so many books. It’s ridiculous. All of them are required reading, of course, and I’m struggling to find a place for them as almost all the shelves available are occupied by even more books!


Sidenote: I did happen to get this chic three-tier shelf the other week as well as an old-school, silver metallic fan. They were what one of our weird housemates left behind and I fully had to exorcise them before bringing them into my room. Excuse the iPhone image that has obviously been chicly edited. I’m still mourning the loss of my digital camera and looking for a replacement.

After an inspiring talk with Anne, a genius and my design professor, about the importance of ideas–conceptual ideas–emerging from spheres outside the realm of design end-products (a mark, an identity, a color palette, a type treatment) which was, coincidentally, what I attempted to explain to someone just before the class began, I decided to buy some books that would illicit more alternative ways of thinking (and most likely more headaches). I love that from the beginning she stresses the importance of reading and thinking critically above all else. She’s starting to rub-off on me, I hope!


To be honest, I’m surprised that I’m excited to read through what I’m sure will be super-dense essays. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m growing up? Idk. Obviously it’ll be a slow trek through the three of them however, last year I wouldn’t have even considered buying them at all. Now, I realize that there’s something rewarding about struggling through a text at one time and afterwards drawing references to them at completely unrelated moments. Long, dried-eye stints on the couch may lie ahead but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to pull at least one of them off! If anything they’ll make for good pseudo-pretentious conversations.

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