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The Garden Club Flower Show

Kim and I were pleasantly surprised the day we decided to visit the Honolulu Academy of Arts. Along the outdoor halls were gorgeous displays of plants. I couldn’t believe how beautiful/weird/fragile some of them looked. They were nestled with equally handsome rocks, woods, and pots that I wanted to steal ASAP. Here’s an excerpt from the Academy’s site:

The Garden Club members do things with plants and flowers you wouldn’t think possible. For the jewelry category, seeds become pearls and blossoms become gems to create incredible arrangements to rival Harry Winston. Also on view are flower arrangements—like living sculptures (pictured is last year’s first award winner), horticulture and photography, along with classes in each of those categories. Special exhibits will reveal Nä Kïhäpai Pua Ali‘i (the Gardens of the Ali‘i) and Continuing to Plant for a Better Future.

I’m not sure if I’d go so far as to compare them to Winston but they definitely were extraordinary. My favorite piece was in the jewelry category (which basically meant they were small plants arranged within a lopsided, ring-like pot as to resemble a necklace or lei) and used what had to be the tiniest and subdued plants in the same shade of green. It consisted of pennywort, fairy moss, dwarf papyrus, umbrella grass, and water lilies. Together they created such a subtle beauty that trumped its outlandish counterparts. More photos of the plants after the cut.






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